Friday, April 27, 2012

Shaped cards!!


                I know I had been  MIA for a long time and this time I give no excuses. Had been a little lazy and just basking, with holidays and stay with parents, it is so relaxing!

             Crafting a little less lately and wanted to show u some shaped cards from my exhibition! So late! I know.. Better late than never!Since ICRC17 has a similar challenge theme for the month, I decided to make a post, before the end of the month -finally!!

             Believe me, shaped cards sell like hot cakes in exhibition, for the simple reason that I guessed, people cannot buy such cards in shop and they should be made.Here is some feast for ur eyes!

The Champagne bottle

Easel Butterfly
Flower pot
Will share a tutorial for this house card, it is made from a 4*12 cardstock - simple folds and so apt for a housewarming!
I love this onsie, and now I end up giving such cards to most of my friends , who had baby recently!
I already have made many shirt cards and it brings instant smile from the receivers face! There is a very good tutorial by Dawn in youtube!.
This teacup card is from a double sided cardstock and I simply loved its look!
This cake card is so easy to make with normal A5 cardstock, yet looks so good!
Easel Apple card - can be given with you are the apple of my eye or get well soon!

And this flower card u had seen already!

Hope you enjoyed watching this post! Will meet you soon with another post!

Thanks for visiting!
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