Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dry Embossing techniques!

Hello there!,
              This is my second post of the day! Please scroll down for first post!

           As promised, I am back again with some embossing techniques . There are tons of ideas on net. So I am not planning to make any tutorial on them. Here this blog , which shares more than 200 ideas on dry embossing.. and so I believe I will not be able to give any more than that!! lol! Trying some more.. Will post them soon! P.S you can buy these embossed papers from my store

Color Blocking with embossed scraps :) I totally love this card!

Diagonal Cuttling

Faux Letterpress on debossed side + double embossing

Embedded embossing

Chalking on embossed areas

Sanding.Sending this card to Itsy Bitsy Big Bs.

Coloring with marker on embossed areas

Faux letterpress on pattern paper

Kept them simple to show off the techniques! Hope u liked them!!

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Embossed cards


        Off late I am putting my embossing folders to good use!! I had tried some simple cards and some techniques with the folders. For today s post I am sharing some of the many simple cards I made.. :) he..he.

I thought this post might as well serve as inspiration for the embossed papers bought from my store. If u wanna buy them, here is the link to it.. As you can see, there is not much I had done on the cards.. But the embossed papers have done so much!!

Darice Baby folder with Nellie Beaded rectangle die - Birth Announcement 

Darice Happy Birthday Folder with paper pieced cup cake

Itsy Bitsy Invitation folder with some punched flowers!! simple and sweet!

Darice love backgound with Nellie Beaded heart die,scallop sqaure die

This is my fav!! Darice Butterfly folder-- Any occasion card!

Darice Cupcake folder  with cake.

Various embossing folders cut into strips to form background

This is another of my fav!! Itsy Bitsy Rose love folder

Darice star frame- punched stars.

Darice Swirl with spellbinder label die.

Top diamond card with Darice Damask

Darice Damask with washi tapes

Darice Wedding

Cuttlebug flowers with Nellie Scalop Square,Lifestyle crafts Daisy die

Darice flowers folder + lace flower. Many of u have asked me for a tutorial.. Will share it soon!

Itsy Bitsy Invitation, chalked with pink. Nellie Circle Frame and gross grain ribbons from stash.Sending this card to Itsy Bitsy Challenge Big Bs.

I know it is too much to take in at a time..So I will be back soon with another set of embossed cards with some techniques used on them!! Keep watching!!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Diwali Cards!

Hello Peeps,

          How have u been dng?Life s lot quieter these days.:) Diwali is nearing and so I just started making Diwali cards.Today sharing 2 simple cards

I know these are blingy , blingy.. And what is more Diwalish, than some bling, diyas and lanterns :)

Stay tuned to more Diwali cards soon!!! I welcome any bulk orders on these cards.You can mail me for details.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Varnas Jus mom, Background Builder and vintage Love

Today we shall see the cards for Jus Mom , Mother's day . Hope I am boring u with my cards :)

Background Builder #1

This is one vintage set, that is so sweet!!  :) This is the stamp

            And these are the vintage cards, that I came up with,these are not my style!Got chance to try that!

       Hope you liked all the Varnas cards, I showed you for the past few days!And thank you all for taking time to appreciate my work.It means so much!!   Just in case , you have nt seen the Border FusionLovely Birds and Holi cards, you can check them out now and drool over the stamps!!

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Varnas Floral fantasy cards


      As promised, I am back with the floral cards.These are from the Varnas Floral fantasy series.All the stamps are adorable and there are endless possibilies for making cards with them!!

This is for floral fantasy #1  Nice floral stamp it is.  Can be used to create backgounds like this

or another background like this!

Ans so colorful background like this!

And this is the actual stamp set

With Floral Fantasy #3. See my idea of making backgrounds with it!

and oh yes a different combination

And this too colorful background!

One more combo for background!! So many possibilities u see!

And the actual stamp set is 

One more day to go- for the Varnas cards post!Keep watching!

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Varnas Floral fantasy #2


            Me again, with Varnas Cards!. Of all the Varnas floral fantasy , I like this one so much. So I used it in many cards :))So versatile.  See how many ways it can be used!                          

 A simple use of the stamp.
Can be used as butterfly too!! cool!!!

And this flower!

And this flower too!!

And this flower too!!! Oh so many possiblities!!

Super is nt ?Yes.. I liked it too!!!And here is the stamp set.

Some more floral fantasy on the way!! Keep watching!

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