Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pink and Lavender

       As soon as I saw this layout(do not remember the site :( ), I wanted to try it.This is how the card turned out.Not one of   my favourites though.
     I  made this card with pattern paper from Papermania. The flowers are foam cut.Let me know your views.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Bunch of Roses to say Hi!

     When I learnt how to make roses, I wanted to make a card with it. Roses are not so beautiful.. Yet I liked the card in my favourite red and pink.Below is a fringed flower and the gold half pearls are from local facy store.. Now tell me how you like the card.

Happy Anniversary to us!

     This month we celebrated our fifth anniversary.Five years of successful married life and entering sixth year ! Oh My God!Time is running so fast!..I made this card  with five flowers in it to symbolize the years.. :)
Found a ribbon with pink and blue flowers in my stash.. and jumped into making pink and blue card. Hope you all like it.. Let me know your views.

Friday, November 26, 2010

A simple stamped card

      Here is a simple card in  black and red, stamped with flowers.  Left the sentiment blank ,so that i can fill it up when i give to someone.So tell me how the card is.

I am linking this card to Crazy4Challenges C4C64. . All we have to do is add circles to your card/project. So here it goes.

Quilled flowers and a birthday card

      Quilling is a beautiful art and I find anything made with quilling looking beautiful:)... so here are my quilling trials when I started learning quilling. Do post your comments.

                This is the box of a wallet , my husband bought.. Would he mind if I use it for quilling ? :)
 Thanks to Suganthi. You are my inspiration for this.
 Just some practice
 Bought a stamp.. stamped it in background and tried creating similar one using quilled flowers..the border has 10mm crimped paper. so, how s my idea?
Here is a card I made for my Cousin's 28 th Birthday.I asked him to photograph it and send so that I can show it to you all.

Kerala mural

       Kerala mural paintings are the frescos depicting mythology and legends, which are drawn on the walls of temples and churches in South India, principally in Kerala. (wikipedia).The roots of the extant mural tradition of Kerala could be traced as far back as the seventh and eighth century A.D under the influence of Pallava art. The oldest murals in Kerala were discovered in the rock-cut cave temple of Thirunandikkara, which is now in the Kanyakumari District of Tamil Nadu.
        I got intrigued at this art form, that I used to see in my Tanjore painting teacher's house.So, I ventured into learning it on my own.Could nt find much tutorials on the web. But could see the stages of a mural painting at here. Thanks to Maheshwaran.
        I was not confident enough to finish, so tried this painting on hand made paper. Surprisingly, it came out  well and I am happy at my first effort. Some more painting works in progress.Experts pls excuse me, if there are mistakes..
Please give me ur valuable suggestions for improvement.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Big huge candy at Wee Memories

Here is a big huge candy at Wee memories.Chk this out here. She is giving it for 700 followers and the entries close on Nov 30.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My hubby's 2009 Bday card

      Here is a card i made for my hubby's bday last year. Learnt quilling flowers just before making the card and used it here. I liked the color combinations in the card and my pretty flowers(?!) too.What say you?
      This is another card i made for my best friends engagement..(she was sooo angry that i did t attend her engagement... just to cool her off.. so now dont ever tell her about this..;) )I was in a rush and could nt take a clear picture of it... sorry for this bad photo...i have to work on improving my photographs.. yes.
The card was beautiful and she loved it.

Card making 2007

    I made my first hand made card in 2005 and stopped with it. Feeling shy to show it. So I will not show you the card. he..he.

    Later my card making took second phase in 2007 and I made a few cards. There were not so many blogs those days and finding materials were scarce.So, tell me how they look...

The last card is Iris folding. You can learn Iris folding from here.Your comments are welcome.

Soft toy making

            Soft Toy making is another of my hobby ventures and I thoroughly enjoy doing it. It is in fact wonderful to see how these soft cuddly creatures(!) turn lively in front of your eyes as you stitch and stuff .
            I made many different size toys, handbags, purse, car hanging toys..etc.  Rummaged through my old photo cds. Sad that I could nt find any of the snaps now. Let me try to get a few, the next time I visit my hometown.
             Would nt disappoint you though. I only got these snaps to show you..My son with the collection of toys I made. The big teddy bear weighs around 2.5 kgs and I made it when I was pregnant 8 months. Dont ask me how they look now anyways, with all the tattering and battering they undergo.(!)

         Managed to get a few snaps.
     This is my first soft toy, made 12 years back and it still beautifully sits in the showcase of my dad's house :)
This is a big teddy bear weighs about 3 kgs and I made this for my baby,while I was 8 months pregnant.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tanjore glass painting

         Following Tanjore paintings, I did some Tanjore glass paintings and gifted t o many friends and relatives. I do not have the photographs of all the paintings I did. But here are the 4 paintings I did as an order for my house owner. He was so happy and framed it with Chettinad V frame( The frame is costlier than the painting J).

Tanjore paintings

Wow!!…They fascinate me a lot!.. Wherever I see any Tanjore painting, I take time and watch all the intricate details, the beauty of the figures, painter’s patience and perseverance. The art form itself is so interesting. Yes. It is 50% art and 50% craft. Needs back breaking work.. But the result is well worth it and very satisfying!!
            I learnt Tanjore painting last year from Mrs Usha Srikumar(near vijayanagar bus terminus,velachery). A very good teacher indeed . She let me draw the full painting, helped me wherever needed and taught many short cuts. I really have to Thank her, for without her I donno if I would have had confidence start my other Tanjore paintings.
            I especially enjoy Krishna’s rounded face, chubby cheeks and dreamy eyes in TP and it is obvious guess for anyone, my first TP was Oonjal Vennai Krishna. J My Ganesha was a gift to my in-laws and my Muruga was a gift to my parents.( It is Raja alangaram of Palani Murugan).
            I have done a Saraswathy  till muck work(work in progress for long time ). Yet to complete it.

Sorry for my bad photography at places :(.Hoping to improve on it.

My first blog post!

        Ahhh.. so finally I am  writing a blog post!! A big Hiiiiii to everyone.I wanted to start a blog for a long time.. and  here I am.Finally the time had come.I wish to share my craft and art works and get inspired from many like minded people blogging out there.
        Since I am new to this blogging world, I seek your support and suggestions. Please drop in your comments, so that I can improve the quality of my blog. Wish me luck..
        See you soon with my posts! :)
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