Thursday, December 22, 2011



                How have u been dng? Sorry for MIA longtime.. Was down with cold and fever and got busy with my exhibition preparations.Will talk about it later in the post. Now without testing your patience, here I am abt to announce the winners. For choosing the winners, I considered ppl, who participated in atleast 2 events. And later I asked my Son to pick up a chit... So the winner of my candy is!!



                                            DRUM ROLL PLEASE...


                                            POORNIMA JAIN!!!

Congrats Poornima!! Now coming to the challenge event.... You ppl casted the votes and decided the winner and the participant with max no of votes is

                                            Khushboo Banka!

The winner of my second event is

                                          Varshitha Nagarajan!

and the Winners of  my third event is,


Congrats to all the winners! Most of you should have received your gifts now.. For those of you who did not, will receive in 1 or 2 days!! Happy crafting!enjoy!.                     

       Coming to my exhibition, I had a good crafting time!.This is my first exhibition and it was in a corporate office. It was a hit!! and I am happy!.. Have been making so many cards recently.. I will share them one by one in cmg days!! For now I will leave u with the collage I made for the event.Most details soon..

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Voting begins in the Challenge and Event 3!

hi peeps,

         Days are busy and I am still not finding time to visit your blogs.Hope to visit your blog soon.. !

        Our first event Use your Pattern paper scraps challenge had come to an end yesterday!And what a response it was!! Thanks gals for all the enthu u showed in my challenge!I was amazed!

        I got some queries asking if they could use the normal paper scraps and I loosened my challenge to include normal paper too.. :) It sure was so much fun to see how ppl came up with ideas like mats, jewellery and some gorgeous cards!!No doubt they were super fabulous! and also inspiring!Some did not follow the rules and I am so sorry to have deleted the entries to be fair to all!

          So now that the challenge had come to end, voting begins!.What are u supposed to do?Cast your vote to the entry which has used the paper scraps effectively!Be fair.You could cast only one vote.You can vote for yourself, if u think u had done justice to the scraps.

                                          Cast your votes here.

I will ask other crafty people to join this voting.All the best to all participants!

Event #3
     This event is going to be a simple questionnaire to be filled up by you .You can either comment your answers below or mail it to So what do you get for this?!Small stamp worth 3$ to not 1 but 2 or 3 participants.Now this is just a comment away :)

     For those of you who did not join event 1 or event 2.. this is the last chance to grab ur gift.. Hurry up!

1.Describe your style of card making/scrapbooking in 1 line.
2.Which item/product do you use with most of ur projects ?
3.Which ink pads you prefer to work with?
4.Which lines of Pattern paper you like the most?
5.Which company stamps are your favorite?
6.Do you like to buy embellishments/make them on your own?
7.Do you like to buy tags/stickers/ ribbons/ rhinestones/pearls locally or from US?
8.Do you own a cuttlebug?
9.If yes, which dies /embossing folders you prefer?
10.Items that are in your wishlist are..

Your entries here are valuable and will be considered for the main giveaway too . :)So participate with the same zeal!!

Thanks for visiting!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Event 2!!

hey there,

          I know, you have been waiting for the second event, for a while now and its time to announce it without testing ur patience anymore! And this event is open only to my customers, old and new.

         I have got a few items on super sale now. And this includes some of the best stamps and some ink pads!! Some items took some price slashing and others are at reasonable prices! and best of all, there is a surprise gift in all the shipments!

        An Ippity Stamp worth 6$ is awaiting to the winner of the event! and to win this exciting prize, u need to purchase/should have purchased something from me, no matter how small or large the order is!!.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

To Someone who makes others so happy! and 3*3 mini Tutorial


       It is busy over here.. but managed to make a card. Our blogger pal Gopi is going to start her own line of digi stamps and so she is giving an image for free in CMP#4.I liked the image and decided to try a card with it..To my surprise, the PPRS sketch was perfect for the stamp! Was also itching to try the palette#1 in craftyjc. So I combined all the challenges and created this card.

I like the warm colors of the card and my first inked sentiment from Stampin up Petite Pairs..The die shape is hand cut!Colored using water colors, popped up the strawberries and ribbon with dimensionals.Colored ribbon with Sakura glitter gel pen and added a layer of Fevicryl glue n gloss , to give a bottle look!A close up to show the glaze and glitter!

Hope you like it!!

Today's Tutorial

Today we will see how to make 3*3 mini from 12*12 paper.Score at every 3 inch on both sides, till the ned of paper.. Now u should have 16 squares as shown in fig

Cut as shown in fig - red line
Now fold the paper back and forth, till u reach last and fold sideways
Again fold back and forth till the last square
Repeat it again
Finally u will have a mini as shown above!

Place a thick sheet 250gsm ,covering the above mini
Decorate it as u wish, with tags inside.. there are many  possibilities to insert tags.. Your mini is ready!!

P.S Today is my Blogoversary and I touched 100 followers!!!
Come Join the fun at my Use your scraps challenge!!It ends 30th Nov.
Please participate in the poll on top right corner, to see more of the tutorials u like!!
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Monday, November 21, 2011

Popsicle stick crafts and DIY chair


         My kid(5 yrs) wanted a project for his school, his topic being animals and their shelters.. I went to a fancy store , with no idea in mind as to what to do ! then I saw popsicle sticks and decided- that is it.Just a quick view of  the project

The Kennel, Stable and Shed were made with popsicle stick ,Den with POP and Coop with Pear fruit cover.

      After we finished it, my kid got hooked on to the sticks and wanted more with it.So I helped him making these wall hanging and photo frame.. the flowers on them are recycled from old flower vase and card.
Sending it to Lessology-Hanging mobile

To my surprise, he came out with great idea of key holder!!The above one is completely his own attempt!!
Sending all three to For the love of crafting- Hang it out

This week end we tried this triangular pen stand      

 a photo of how butterfly was done..

Today's Tutorial

          We will see how to make a chair with popsicle sticks.This is not my own idea, saw a photo on the net and tried on my own.

Cut  a stick in half and paste as shown.Glue another stick on top of that..we need 2 sets like this
 Now place 6-7 sticks on the 2 legs.This would nt stand ,so support it with a box.
 After it is dried, glue 2 sticks facing top, starting from the leg
 Now, place them down and glue 4-5 sticks
After it is dry, make it stand.. Your popsicle stick stand is ready!!

These days, my posts are picture heavy and taking more time to post!! Finally, I have a new poll in my side bar.. Please vote to see more of the tutorials you like... :))
I am linking it to

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Few more cards!

Hello there,

          MIA for a while.. in a new home now.. now everything is alright..
         As soon as I saw the Celebrating Childhood in ICR, I wanted my kid to participate in it.. He is a sweet ,adorable 5 year old boy!!I am not saying this because he is my Son.. I ve heard so many ppl say this to me.. yes.. and I feel lucky to have him in my life!

       He seems to be happy just with my physical presence.Not to mention when we are having our good times together every other day!!He keeps himself busy with all the nuts,bolts and spanners in the car making kit, which are meant for 8 yr olds!! and he does a decent job at it! So I was misled to believe, he is like his father..

     He shows much less interest in drawing and coloring and I had to coax him to make this card , with a candy.. :)) The picture is from his coloring book. He chose the sentiment and wanted to send this to his Grandpa!.. I have to say I am amazed at his stamping skills! I never let him stamp in my card, when we made card together.. But never declined his trials on rough papers.. but this stamping is a complete surprise for me!!ohh..  I have written so much about him.. could nt stop..! hope u r not bored!

        I received a card from Lucy this Diwali!! that was a complete surprise and I really appreciate and admire her we had not known each other , other than few comments in blogs.. Thanks Lucy!This means a lot!! and I see, how much the blogland has given to me!!

and I received a card from ICR for my anniversary!! Pooja sent me this.. :))Thanks ICR;))  these sweet little things make us feel , we are a part of the ICR family.. :))

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Friday, November 11, 2011

RAKs,Cards, this and that

hi there,

          Phew.. that had been 1 week in continuous blogging with tutorials..So I am planning to take a break.. Not that I am tired... But that we are moving to another house and this means, I have tons of household work to do! and No internet for 3-4 days... :( So bear with me if I do not mail you back immediately or respond to your calls.. Will try to be in touch as much as possible.

         I have a poll added to my side bar.. Please cast your votes. I feel it is a kind of feed back.. for me to see where I am lagging and what improvements I need. This will help me develop as a better crafter/blogger and you to visit the kind of blog you like.. :))

     Coming to other stories,this year's anniversary had been memorable.. for quite a few reason.. Some of the craft reasons being,
  • I hosted my giveaway from that day
  • I received some craft goodies and some stunning cards!!
      Priya Venkat and I got introduced through the blog world and she has been a great friend!She sent a RAK for me, before our anniversary! Here is a photo of Priya Venkat's RAK.. She is soooo generous that she sent me a bunch of A4 DP- all from US, some scraps(she knows I am a scrap recycler!) and morrrre die cuts..They are amazing!I am all excited!I keep looking at the PTI die cuts.. and this makes me want a Cuttlebug.... hmmmm

        I got introduced to Shobana thro Priya and as Priya says, she is an awesome friend!! yes.. I mean it! She sent this card to me Nov 1 st, even before I made a card for my hubby!
              She also sent me these 2 cards, coz I commented in her blog, how I liked them!!man!! They look even more gorgeous in reality!! She won PDCC cream of the cup for these cards and now I could say I am the proud owner of them.. Will I ever have heart to use them?!!no ways...

 I have done the below wall hanging 25 pcs for an order.. simple and easy!
sending it to For the Love of Crafting - Hanging Out.

I also made a card for my Nephew for his birthday.. It is in the end of the month.. made it early for our moving reason.It is a secret panel card.- just play hide and seek.. See how to make this card here.
I am thankful for you ppl, for the enthu you show in my events.. Request you to keep up the pace till the end - have fun and make me happy too .. :)) and keep watching the space for the second event!Will be back soon!

Thanks for visiting

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Special Boss Masculine card and Foam texture stamping tutorial!


            My Hubby(Jagan) wanted a special card to his special manager, who quits his job to start his own company.. He presented a tie to Jagan and so Jagan wanted a tie in his card, like the one in this card.He also wanted the word Boss. So I sat down making this card.. with the Crafty JC color pallete#3 and ICRC12-Dots,stripes and tag and Card Patterns#140- flipped the sketch 180 degrees.

Again Stampin up Best dad Ever stamp set, Echo Park paper, my foam stamped paper,Inkadinkado sentiment, Pie lane button and Baker's twine

Today's Tutorial

        We have already seen how to use Foam as stamp. After experimenting, I am adding a  twist to it..I call it Foam texture stamping!! .. :)
        Take foam in required shape and draw stripes, chks, dots over it with scale and empty ball point pen.
Glue it to the acrylic block using double sided tape.
Stamp it with the required color on paper.But Only one color for 1 foam.

See the stamped backgroud!!Just give it a try.. its amazing!!

Thanks for stopping by!

I have a giveaway running, details on the side bar.I host a challenge- use your PP scraps.would love for you to join in!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

9 Effective ways to use your scraps and First Event!

Hello there,

     I have to say this blogging is taking my time out and I am not able to visit any of your blogs..Promise to catch up soon..

P.S This is a picture heavy post.

To summarize the tutorial series I had given for the past three days,here are the few ways to use your scraps effectively.

  1.Punch outs/Die cuts/Hand cuts
  2.Paper Weaving
  3.Bargello Technique
  4.Paper Pleating
  5.As ribbons and bows
  6.Epoxy stickers and buttons
  7.In Bookmarks and tags
  8.Paper Piecing
  9.Paper Tearing

Punch outs/Die cuts/Hand cuts     A very basic method, which everybody uses to exhaust the scraps.These can be used in layering or for making handmade flowers and embellishments!

handcut squares for bg and die cut for flower

Paper Weaving     This gives a quilting effect to the paper.. See more about this technique here. In the below example, I have used only 2 designs of pattern paper strips.. You can use multiple as in this card!

Bargello Technique     This technique involves a little bit of effort, but well worth it!!Makes gorgeous backgrounds!See how to bring out this technique here.

Scraps for bg,die cut butterfly,ribbon, paper pleating,tag,bow,and button

Sending it to Scrapbooksisterz

Paper Pleating    This is another way of using your Pattern paper strips.Score at 1" and 0.5" alternatively and fold it back and forth along the scores. So easy!See the above card for inspiration.

As ribbons and bows
    If you do not have the ribbon in the color/pattern you need,Pattern paper strips can be used instead of them!Cheaper and easier than running to shop for buying that spl ribbon for that spl card.. :)

    You can also make bows with them. Click here to see how.See the above card for inspiration.

Epoxy stickers and buttons     This requires only the tiniest bit of scrap paper! and the results you get are amazing!! See more about this method here.
I used it in the above card.

In Bookmarks and tags     Make beautiful bookmarks and tags to gift your friends..Simpler way to use up your scraps(not only PP, but also card scraps).. but very attractive when it turns out to be a gift!!

See a tag example in the above card.

Paper Piecing    This is an age old method, but very effective!! makes wonders with the stamps you have..! You would nt believe,it could be this gorgeous,when Paper pieced!.It gives more depth and dimension to the image!.See more on this technique here.

paper piecing,paper tearing and fuzzy cutting

Sending it to Pixiedustchallenge-Paper piecing,Stampavie

Paper Tearing
    Ahh!! this is what we had done since childhood days!Needs no explanation.. We all know, this ourselves, but this idea would nt strike when thinking about using your scraps..See the above picture for inspiration.

    Now is that enough inspiration from me? Get ready for the first event! It is a challenge! and the challenge is to

        Use your Pattern paper scraps

in your project,be it anything!.Does that sound difficult? No.. right?

But wait, it is nt over yet..Anyone can participate in it.. But to be eligible to win the prize,
    you should have entered the main giveaway!!
    Your blog entry should be after today.
    You should link back to actual blogpost and not to the blog and link this challenge from your blog.

The winner will get Making Memories Flutter Stamp set worth 5$!

The linky list will be open till 30 Nov EOD IST.Voting will start on December 1.The winner will be based on the voting process.

So rush in with your entries!Could nt wait to see what you all come up with!All the best!!


Monday, November 7, 2011

Use your scraps effecitvely - Tutorial Part 3

hi there,

     Welcome to Use your scraps effecitvely - Tutorial Part 3/3.If you have not read my previous tutorial, please click here.

      Today's three tutorials would be some basic PP techniques.. Some seniors might be well aware of these techniques.. This tutorial is for the sake of newbies..:)

Paper Piecing
     This is an age old method, and it adds much dimension and depth to the stamped image!I really enjoy dng this.. Just a simple example to show you for tutorial.

     Stamp the required image in 2 or as many pattern papers of your choice(depends upon how many you want in the paper piecing)and on a white paper.

Cut across the lines dividing the portions in the image.

Assemble these images on the stamped image on white paper..Your paper piecing is done!

Quilting technique

Decide the size of card and the number of squares that is going to be in it.I have made 3cm squares and the card 12*9cm.

Paste them on rectangle card stock.

Die cut the whole cardstock or handcut it as I did.

Add faux stiching between the squares, to make to look like quilt.Embellish it minimally to show off its beauty!!

Sending this card to CreateMePink - add a flower.

Pattern paper bow

I would rather call it a tip than a tutorial. It is so easy to make pattern paper bows and looks cool when added to gift or card.You need double sided PP for this type of bow.

Cut as shown in figure.

Assemble them get beautiful bow!!

See how to make another type of bow in my blogger friend Dr.Sonia's blog here.

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial series!!If you did, just comment below to make me happy!It feels good, when the efforts are being recognized!

We will have our events starting from tomorrow.. :)) and people be ready! I am sure you are gonna enjoy it!Participate with all the enthu and zeal!

Thanks for stopping by!

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