Thursday, December 22, 2011



                How have u been dng? Sorry for MIA longtime.. Was down with cold and fever and got busy with my exhibition preparations.Will talk about it later in the post. Now without testing your patience, here I am abt to announce the winners. For choosing the winners, I considered ppl, who participated in atleast 2 events. And later I asked my Son to pick up a chit... So the winner of my candy is!!



                                            DRUM ROLL PLEASE...


                                            POORNIMA JAIN!!!

Congrats Poornima!! Now coming to the challenge event.... You ppl casted the votes and decided the winner and the participant with max no of votes is

                                            Khushboo Banka!

The winner of my second event is

                                          Varshitha Nagarajan!

and the Winners of  my third event is,


Congrats to all the winners! Most of you should have received your gifts now.. For those of you who did not, will receive in 1 or 2 days!! Happy crafting!enjoy!.                     

       Coming to my exhibition, I had a good crafting time!.This is my first exhibition and it was in a corporate office. It was a hit!! and I am happy!.. Have been making so many cards recently.. I will share them one by one in cmg days!! For now I will leave u with the collage I made for the event.Most details soon..


  1. Good to see you back in blogland priya and missed you too...thanks for the gift i loved it...and your exhibition pics look so interesting would love to see more of it:)

  2. Congrats to the winners! Missed the events, maybe next time :)

    Looking forward to the exhibition pics :)

  3. I was nearly going to call you or mail you to ask whats up but hesitated since you had told me about the exhibition-- so happy for you that things went well. I have not been able to go to Commercial street to look for your trimmer but found one online at A1 [neha] which looks more sophisticated and maybe weighs less.The one I have weighs around 2.5 kg!

  4. Your exhibition pics looks gr8,waiting for more:)and thank u so much!!

  5. Congrats to all the winners!!!!

  6. thanks for the event winning...
    and ur exhibition pic looks great, nice works.. waiting to see more of pics..


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