Monday, November 21, 2011

Few more cards!

Hello there,

          MIA for a while.. in a new home now.. now everything is alright..
         As soon as I saw the Celebrating Childhood in ICR, I wanted my kid to participate in it.. He is a sweet ,adorable 5 year old boy!!I am not saying this because he is my Son.. I ve heard so many ppl say this to me.. yes.. and I feel lucky to have him in my life!

       He seems to be happy just with my physical presence.Not to mention when we are having our good times together every other day!!He keeps himself busy with all the nuts,bolts and spanners in the car making kit, which are meant for 8 yr olds!! and he does a decent job at it! So I was misled to believe, he is like his father..

     He shows much less interest in drawing and coloring and I had to coax him to make this card , with a candy.. :)) The picture is from his coloring book. He chose the sentiment and wanted to send this to his Grandpa!.. I have to say I am amazed at his stamping skills! I never let him stamp in my card, when we made card together.. But never declined his trials on rough papers.. but this stamping is a complete surprise for me!!ohh..  I have written so much about him.. could nt stop..! hope u r not bored!

        I received a card from Lucy this Diwali!! that was a complete surprise and I really appreciate and admire her we had not known each other , other than few comments in blogs.. Thanks Lucy!This means a lot!! and I see, how much the blogland has given to me!!

and I received a card from ICR for my anniversary!! Pooja sent me this.. :))Thanks ICR;))  these sweet little things make us feel , we are a part of the ICR family.. :))

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  1. oh wow it seems your son is a chip of the old block....definitely has a flair for card making i think for a 5 year old that coloring is really very good( i should know i have a 5 yr too)and the stamping is awesome.
    best of luck with the competition.
    both the cards you received are so pretty loved them:)

  2. Priya such a sweet card. I think if you choose themes that appeal to him like tom and jerry or ben ten he will love to craft with you. Such a fabulous creation and I am glad you wrote about him-- I sometimes feel I am the only one tooting about my kiddo!

  3. Hi.. Good work done by your son.. I can see that you are enjoying lot of fun with him:)Other two cards are nice:)

  4. That is some neat coloring by your baby!!! Such clean and neat lines!! He's surely taken after his mom!!! Give him a big hug from my side!

  5. That is surely neat for a five year old..... He does HAVE IT! I hope & pray he develops a liking towards it as he grows..... Wishes!!!

    Ash.... :)

  6. he he lovely coloring by ur baby !! :)
    and im reallly glad u liked my mini card :) Hope u had a g8 day :)


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