Saturday, November 5, 2011

Use your scraps effecitvely - Tutorial Part 1

hi ladies,

    As promised, I have started my tutorials!.It is gonna be a 3 day tutorial series, starting from today, on how to use your scraps effectively!how do you like it?!

    I am a miser, when it comes to DPs.I am not ashamed to tell this..he..he.. I store even a small bit of PP, hoping that I would use it someday!! I knew that someday would nt come and I resolved to use them ,if not fully, atleast a part of them.So here you see the result of it.. :)

    Today we will see how to make buttons and epoxy stickers with Pattern paper!in any shape,color or design you want!!Sounds good?huh?!

    Take a chip board in the required size.I got quite a few of them with this year Diwali crackers..!I did a bit of recycling!If you do not have these, you can cut shapes from the carton box and recycle it!.

Stamp the required image , punch it and paste it on the chipboard.

Cut/punch the PPs in the chip board shape and paste on it.Now if you are making epoxy like stickers, paste the required sticker on the chipboard.

Apply Fevicryl Glue and Gloss generously over the chipboard!
Allow it to try for over 8 hours.

You need to prick any bubble that might have caught inside.. I did nt and you could see it in the photo..Look at the gloss over it!!! I really love it!!

     Now do you see these gorgeous buttons?!This needs to be thicker.So glue 2 chipboards together.After pasting the pattern paper, poke 2 or 4 holes through the chipboard..Apply glue and gloss carefully, leaving out the holes and let it dry.Alas!! You have gorgeous buttons!

     Hope you liked the tutorial..Come back tomorrow for the next part of this tutorial series!! Till then, have a great day!

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  1. Fabulous !! They look awsome !thnxx fr sharing :))

  2. Very actually gorgeous and thanks for sharing this very clever and cute idea

  3. this is so amaizing.thanx for sharing

  4. This is so so fabulous!! I love checking out your tutorials...keep them coming on!!!
    I'm a hoarder like you for scraps!!!

  5. Wow! a DIY for buttons and stickers!! Never thought of such a thing!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hey thanks for the tutorial on the buttons !! will definitely use this to make some buttons and send u the pics


  7. OMG those buttons are sooooooooo cute!

  8. This is awesome :) thanks for the tutorial

  9. Wow...fabulous tutorial...Thanks a lot!!!

  10. Amazing !! Love your ideas...


  11. thats a lovely lovely idea...first time ur blog!!


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