Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My hubby's 2009 Bday card

      Here is a card i made for my hubby's bday last year. Learnt quilling flowers just before making the card and used it here. I liked the color combinations in the card and my pretty flowers(?!) too.What say you?
      This is another card i made for my best friends engagement..(she was sooo angry that i did t attend her engagement... just to cool her off.. so now dont ever tell her about this..;) )I was in a rush and could nt take a clear picture of it... sorry for this bad photo...i have to work on improving my photographs.. yes.
The card was beautiful and she loved it.


  1. priya, wonderful to get in touch with you again, your post are good. keep blogging and show us what all you create. regards to your better half and cute little son.


  2. Really rare colour combinations you have used. Beautiful quilled flowers. I like the idea of the little flowers forming a frame in your first card.

  3. very cute cards.quilling is the first one a lot:)


Thanks for taking time in appreciating my work

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