Friday, September 2, 2011

Quilled wall hanging

hi there,

This is a quilled wall hanging I did about 15 months ago.. It went as a birthday gift for a friend. We happened to visit them last weekend.. and I felt so happy coz I would be able to photograph it!!I tried different types of flowers in it...Please have a look.

Today's Tip

Manage a tighter center and having it stay in place

When you first slip the Quilling paper through the slotted tool it should extend past the slot a little .. this bends as you roll. By placing a little amount of glue on the outer side of the paper, the next layer will glue in place to the starting end of the paper and hold together. This is very helpful when you remove the large circle from the slotted tool as sometimes the center will tend to pull out.


  1. Would love to see this for real looks good

  2. Very very pretty.... Quilling wallhanging is a gr8 gifting idea... I also made one for my frd... not as good as yours but pretty decent.. do check it out... :)


Thanks for taking time in appreciating my work

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