Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Review - Magnetic Multi Shaper Punch

Hi all,

I thought it would be a good idea to write a review on one of my new purchases-- Magnetic Multishaper punch from Blue Hills Studio(This link has a video tutorial and all the available designs). I bought the model Baby's breath from Joann.

I was skeptical abt this punch at first...coz it was too good to beleive!!With so much of thoughts, finally I decided to buy it.My punch took its debut in these cards.Though it is too early to say,I feel, I am totally happy with it coz it could be used for cards,scrapbooks, borders,journaling, stamping!..etc. Here is how it looks like.

When it reached me, there were no instructions with it.. and I thought I will have to browse through the net for instructions..But to my surprise I was able to create cirlces and ovals without reading any instructions!! It was so easy..We need to insert the paper at right position and the magnets clasp together perfectly, allowing you punch precisely.wow!!And the best thing is, you need not precut circle or oval and create designs over them...any rectangle paper would do.

Yet I find it difficult to cut thick papers.. Pattern paper and papers less than 150gsm are ok. 200gsm, need to press with difficulty and much pressure. Above 200 gsm, I think it is impossible to cut..

These are what my punch is supposed to do
and I could do all !!...If planned correctly, I think,I could use it to punch around the page too..

Pros: One Punch does it all, value buy, easy to use, beautiful crisp intricate deisgns, needs no precut circle or oval.
Cons:Does nt cut through thick papers.


Here is some more I could do with it.

Now you ppl tell me,
if this review was useful?
Would you like more reviews like this in future?
should I elaborate more on something?

Pls don hesitate to comment or mail me if u have any doubts..I will be happy to answer.


  1. Thanks for sharing ...and yes you should include more product reviews in future.This post was definitely useful

  2. Yes definetly you should write more reviews. Its very helpful.


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