Wednesday, February 15, 2012

An award from my Guru!!

hi ppl,

Had been busy with some valentine projects and US order. So was missing for a while.How did u celebrate ur valentine's day? My hubby was in office till midnight.. :( sigh.

I am extremely happy to have received an award from my Tanjore painting guru.. Mrs Usha SriKumar. I suddenly received a comment in my post from her!! That was a surprise. I did not know she was reading my blog regularly.

Now she is an extremeeeely talentled lady with expertise in various things.She was featured in so many television shows and had written so many articles in books.Finally she has come into the blogland for the good of us!! :)) It is a 2 and half months old blog - but she has written more posts than I did in the last 1 year!! and it is a must read blog for craft,art,cookery,tips,finance u name it ..she does it!!awesome!!

Thank you so much Mam!! This means a lot to me!Now , as a rule of the award, I need to pass it on to 5 blogs I admire and the number of followers less than 200.

I pass this on to
Priya Sondhi
Shobana Ravi

Congrats to all ! Now it is ur turn to link the image back to the giver share it with the receiver!

Thanks for visiting


  1. Hi Priya u linked the wrong blog with Mrs. Usha's name

  2. Hi Priya,
    thank you so much for passing on this award to me as well...really surprised to see my name...and Mrs Usha sri kumar link does not work...pls check it out!!

  3. Hey! Thank you so much!!! Its an honor.. Really liked the fact that you admire my work...

  4. thanks a lot priya, for passing the award.... its a real honor.... my first award...


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