Friday, August 3, 2012

Brick wall technique and a tutorial

hello ppl,

              No new cards yet. This card I made sometime back. Looks like an old brick wall. is nt it?
Sharing a tutorial for the same below.
cardstock Fabriano
stamp Inkadinkado brenda walton flourish (available for sale in my store)
ink jennie bowlin brown sugar.

Today's Tutorial

measure and draw lines for every .5". Separate each line into 1" blocks. Stamp image on the paper now.

Cut the paper into strips and number them.
strips with numbering shown. Cut them into pieces of bricks.
Ink the edges of the bricks and start pasting according to the number.
pasting in progess. You can leave out 1 or 2 bricks, to give an old wall effect
pasting completed. Now erase all the numbering

Hope u like the technique. Will keep posting often. So chk back.

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  1. Wow I luv the idea.


  2. Isn't it uncanny that I made a card using brick wall technique and used the same stamp some months back here a coincidence!
    Nicely explained tutorial

  3. nice tute Priya! Thanks for sharing.

  4. WOW!!.. this is such an awesome trick!.. LOVE it!.. :D

  5. Priya just gave a shout out about your shop.Thank You !
    Here is the link:

  6. this is awesome... will definitely try this one!! :)thanks for sharing :)

  7. BTw.. we can write numbers on the back of the bricks so that we don't need to erase it or leave marks. What say?

  8. Oh lovely!!! This is awesome!! Beautiful!! Thanks for the tute:)


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