Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dry Embossing techniques!

Hello there!,
              This is my second post of the day! Please scroll down for first post!

           As promised, I am back again with some embossing techniques . There are tons of ideas on net. So I am not planning to make any tutorial on them. Here this blog , which shares more than 200 ideas on dry embossing.. and so I believe I will not be able to give any more than that!! lol! Trying some more.. Will post them soon! P.S you can buy these embossed papers from my store

Color Blocking with embossed scraps :) I totally love this card!

Diagonal Cuttling

Faux Letterpress on debossed side + double embossing

Embedded embossing

Chalking on embossed areas

Sanding.Sending this card to Itsy Bitsy Big Bs.

Coloring with marker on embossed areas

Faux letterpress on pattern paper

Kept them simple to show off the techniques! Hope u liked them!!

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  1. Absolutely fabulous cards!!!! Love it!!!!

  2. LOVELY CREATIONS, each one is soo unique:)<3 <3 <3

  3. Woow great work!!!! Love all d cards and u jus showed embossing tech so nicely

  4. Wow so many cards with different embossing techniques..great work priya..n thanks for sharing that link !!

  5. Wow beautiful cards Priya.... Love the way you have showed the techniques... :)

  6. Oh my Gosh Priya - you are so creative! This is really fantastic stuff. The butterfly entry into the ItsyBitsy Big B challenge is awesome. Thanks so much for playing along!
    ItsyBitsy - The Blog Place

  7. Wow pretty fabulous creations.


  8. Amazing collection of Diwali Cards Thanks so much

  9. Lovely stuff Priya! The color blocking card is my fav too :)


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