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Must knows of ink pads!!

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                 I have had some enquiries, asking the difference between the inks and their usage.It is quite confusing . I know, as I had been through it :). I thought, it would be a better idea to record it in blog post , so that it would be helpful for many!. Ventured into writing this post!! ha.. ha..I am not a pro. I may not know everything , about every other inks..Some information in this post are taken from the internet.In this post I will share the details I know, about the inks used in Indian market. 

PS: Long post!! Sorry if it gets boring :) Please do not use this post with any commercial interest.

                Inks that are widely used include the following..(ha.. feels like writing a school essay!! ;) )
  • Dye Ink
    1. Chalk ink
    2. Archival ink
    3. Distress ink
  • Pigment Ink
  • Embossing ink
  • Solvent ink
  • Hybrid Ink

Memento Ink Pads, Tsukineko
Colorbox dye ink pads, Clear Snap
Ink it up Dye, Darice


  • Dye inks are an inexpensive fast-drying ink and are thinner in consistency .
  • Since they dry quickly and leave a very crisp image, so they are good for highly detailed stamps.
  • They are water based.
  • They usually leave a stain on the stamps. 
  • Color on ink pad looks darker than the color it stamps.
  • won't show up much on dark colored paper


Sponging and Direct Transfer to Paper.
Best ink to use on glossy cardstock.
Cannot be used in embossing,as they dry out quickly.

Chalk ink
VersaMagic, Tsukineko 
Hero Hues, Hero arts
ColorBox chalk inks, Clear Snap
  • provide opaque and good ink coverage 
  • muted chalky look with whitish residue or "chalky look" visible in reinkers
  • dye ink typically in a skin-foam ink pad
Techniques :
Soft, matte shades for stamping and coloring.
Direct to paper techniques and used for backgrounds.
Does not give fine detailed stamping.

Archival ink
Brands: Ranger Archival, Colorbox Archival
  • These permanent dye based ink pads are acid free. 
  • Archival Inks do not deteriorate paper or precious photos. 
  • They will not bleed .when painted or brayered over with watercolors, colored pencils, water-based inks and markers or pearl pigments. 
Perfect for painting or brayering over with watercolors, colored pencils, water-based inks and markers or pearl pigments. 

Distress ink
Brands : Distress ink, Ranger
  •  Acid-free, non-toxic, fade resistant, water-based dye inks.
  • They’re perfect for the new vintage, stained, aged effect , distressing papers and coloring photos
  • Slow drying inks (stay wet longer) allowing you to blend, shade and emboss on photos and paper
  • The fluidity of this ink allows the color to wick and spread out, traveling across the surface of your paper when spritzed with water. 
  • Color stability - the integrity of these colors remain true after being watered down or heated, allowing for greater color control. 
Too much to share here :)  Find all the distress ink techniques in this link


Adirondack Pigment Ink Pads, Ranger
Brilliance Fast Drying Pigment Ink Pads, Tsukineko
Color Box Pigment Ink Pads,Clearsnap
Ink it up Pigment, Darice

  • Pigment based inks stay wetter longer, as they have ingredients like glycerin
  • They contain little pigment particles of color and has vivid colors
  • They are also water based , but thicker in consistency  and opaque.
  • They can be cleaned easily from the stamps (Use Mr Muscle Kitchen cleaner :)) 
  • Color on ink pad looks same as the color it stamps.
  • will show up on dark colored paper
Since they take longer to dry, they are suitable for embossing.
Can be used to distress the edges.
Difficult to use on glossy card stock, as they might smear easily.


Brand: VersaMark , Tsukineko
  • Embossing ink stays wet for very long time
  • It is relatively sticky and should be removed with stamp cleaning solution.
  • This sticky ink attracts  your embossing powder. 
It is used only if you intend to emboss the image. 
You can use it alone to create watermark images.


Brands : Staz on

  • Solvent, or permanent ink is opaque and quick-drying. 
  • Acid free, Archival quality with a little odor.
  • It works great on slick surfaces like  plastic, metal, glass, ceramic, laminated paper, coated paper and leather.
  • They don't clean easily off your rubber stamp with standard stamp cleaners. 
 It's also great for home decor stamping, including surfaces like walls, furniture, or glass.
 Permanent inks are not recommended for fabric


Brands: Palette, Stewart Superior and Paper Trey Ink  pads

  • combination of dye and pigment ink (does not contain solvents)
  • works on most surfaces including glass, plastic, acetate, metal, fabric and more
  • does not smell bad and is nonflammable
  • dries instantly on paper and porous surfaces; can require heat setting on glossy surfaces and fabrics
  •  eliminates all the confusion over which ink to use for what surface - because it works on everything and is a non-solvent ink
           Cannot be used for embossing as it dries fast

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  1. Thanks for the info. I have one query regarding a camass pigment ink pad ( golden) from a pretty gud store and it seems the the ink pad is dry. I wanted to be sure that I am using it in the right way before drawing any conclusions. I used it with a cling stamp but the impression was verrrry light.
    Is it a proper way to use the ink pad?

  2. Such an informative post, Priya. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. It's like reading my dental materials again.. :D Thanks dear for the info, really helpful!

  4. Wow... so useful post... Priya.. thanks for that :)

  5. i dont know how i missed reading this post, very useful but for a beginner like me these inks are confusing and difficult to remember may be settle for 2inks as of now.thanks for sharing

  6. superb priya! was so confused but much more clearer now! :)


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