Monday, January 30, 2012

Baby scrapbooks inspired by Laura Dennison!

hi ppl,

         Want to know what kept me away from blogland?! the baby scrapbooks!I had been busy making them , with all the cutie sweety little things.. This album is completely inspired by Laura Dennison's Special delivery album.She is a genius at making such albums and I enjoy just watching her videos and keep admiring at them!Here are the scrapbooks that I made.
There are some differences in the inside pages, based on customer requirements.You will be bored , if I show u all the pages.. so here, the spl pages of one of them. 

Diaper fold to hold the tag

Milk bottle
Onsie opened
pram ,tag pulled out


Peek  a boo!!

All the recipients loved the album.!!  They were gratified and I am happy! :))

Let me know your views!

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  1. Nice work Priya !! all your efforts are seen... I specially loved the diaper fold to hold the tag, so perfect for a baby's album

  2. Wow Priya! Great work on the albums! :) And very cute accents and touches with the folds and pull-outs! Fab job!

  3. Wow, its simply superb, Priya.Well, these have thoroughly inspired me to create one for my new born daughter :)


  4. Wow pretty cute creation dear. Love the colors n ur creative touch too.


  5. wow lovely albums... love each and every page... very unique...

  6. Wonderful works, Priya.

    Do you remember me?

    Do visit this link-I have a pleasant surprise in store for you...

  7. Awesome creation priya, loved every bit of it very inspired:)

    do visit

  8. wow.... lovely... lovely... all the pages are very nice priya...

  9. wiow your album looks so lovely...i can see you have put in a lot of thought in embellishing all the pages...its so fun!!!no wonder the recipitents loved it:)

  10. Such a beautiful idea!!!Love the color and the elements you chose :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today :)

  11. some very lovely ideas there..i will definitely include thm in my baby's book and let u know :)


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