Friday, November 26, 2010

Quilled flowers and a birthday card

      Quilling is a beautiful art and I find anything made with quilling looking beautiful:)... so here are my quilling trials when I started learning quilling. Do post your comments.

                This is the box of a wallet , my husband bought.. Would he mind if I use it for quilling ? :)
 Thanks to Suganthi. You are my inspiration for this.
 Just some practice
 Bought a stamp.. stamped it in background and tried creating similar one using quilled flowers..the border has 10mm crimped paper. so, how s my idea?
Here is a card I made for my Cousin's 28 th Birthday.I asked him to photograph it and send so that I can show it to you all.


  1. Olá!
    Que trabalhos tão criativos!
    vou continuar a acompanhar!

    Luz* * *

  2. What works so creative!
    I love it!
    I will continue to monitor!

    Luz* * *


Thanks for taking time in appreciating my work

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