Friday, December 24, 2010

Best of 2010

  Although I have declared a break, I could nt resist this post for the Best work of 2010 event of Kavitha.
   Here is what I feel the best work of 2010- The Ganesha Tanjore painting.

   This is my second Tanjore painting(Jan 2010) I did after learning a Oonjal Krishna- which is a common painting.I wanted to try a not so common piece.And here comes our ganesha with Yaal(It is a musical instrument used centuries ago and our tamil poets describe," its  music is the sweetest of the sounds.."!!)
    I enjoyed doing each and every minute work - be it muck work,foil work ,stone work or painting and really relish the outcome.I could proudly display this is my work.But the photo is not sharp enough to cover the ridges of the foil. I gifted this to my in-laws with a Chettinad V frame.
   Here is how it looks with the frame.

    Please post your valuable comments.


  1. Absolutely stunning work!! superb!!

  2. Hi priya,this s absolutely beautiful and unique too,..this is the first time i am seeing this ganesha,too good.
    This is definitely the best,thanks for playing along:))


Thanks for taking time in appreciating my work

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