Saturday, December 11, 2010

My hubby's bday 2010

      Yesterday my hubby celebrated his birthday and I made this card for him.
     I cut the cake in foam, colored it with acrylic colors .Then added some glitters , glue and gloss and let it dry for a day!(Chennai climate was so chilly .Believe it!).It is not clearly visible in photo.. but in reality looks yummy!
     I started with some idea in mind and finally ended up with a card like this.I know the bow in the card makes it more girly.I tried various things but nothing worked out.Anyways, he liked the card..(wink..can he say the other way? :) ).
     Your comments and suggestions about the card are welcome. Thank you for all of you to take time in appreciating my work.It s encouraging and makes me happy :)


  1. nice card...belated happy birthday to your hubby.

  2. beautiful card...cake from Foam,...great idea dear..

  3. Card looks gud.. My Belated Bday wishes to Jagan :)


Thanks for taking time in appreciating my work

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