Friday, August 19, 2011

ICR meet @Isphahani Center- 17 Aug

hello ppl!!!,

Excited to share with you, we Chennai ladies finally got together at Isphahani Center.Hurray!

There were 4 of us - me, Priya Venkat, Shobana and Varshitha.It was so much fun and I am still thinking abt it!!!

We made it more than girls chit chat and had a demo. Priya Venkat brought her minis, for us to touch n hold it and to savour the beauties, which we only saw online these many days!

Left to Right - Shobana, Priya Venkat, Priya Sivaraj with son,Varshitha

Priya Venkat and Shobana so kind to bring us goodie bag from their new venture-Paperz..

On the whole, we had a great time and I am looking forward for more such events... and yes... it feels so good to meet ppl sharing same interest , coz there is lotss to talk abt! :)))


  1. wow !!that sure looks so much fun !!

  2. Looks like you all have had fun.:))

  3. Thank you for sharing photos of you meet..its wonderful to see everyone moving out of the virtual world and meeting in person!!

  4. Oh! WOW..... I wasn't aware of this..... That was awesome of you all to meet up in Chennai too.... Kavita is missing! Hey why did u not help me with the details.... to be added up in its space.... Kindly help me with few photographs & I will add them on!!! Wishes & Hugs))))

    Ash.... :)


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