Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Winner!!!, backlog and candies

hello pps,

I am super happy to share with you that my this card made it to Top3 in ICRC9 and I am the guest designer for next challenge!!.Could nt thank you enough girls!! :)) I am excited!.

I am crafting more these days but feeling very lazy to photograph and post it.. have any of you felt like this at times? So I am gng to clear some backlogs in this post.

Firstly, our talented blogger friend Juhi awarded me this sometime back.Thanks so much Juhi!

There are some rules to follow so here they are:

Answer several questions. Award the 'Butterfly Award' to other bloggers
Contact the bloggers to let them know they have received this award
Put a link to the person who gave you the 'Butterfly Award' in the post.

Q1) Name your favorite color? Pink, Orange

Q2) Name your favorite song? Melodies of A.R.Rehman

Q3) Name your favorite dessert? Sizzling Brownie

Q4) What worries you off at the moment? Will the TV watching habit of my son become an addiction

Q5) Your favorite pet? Dogs (I love them!!)

Q6) Black or White? White

Q7) Your biggest fear? If I start working,will I be able to manage work n family

Q8) Best feature? My smile..

Q9) Everyday attitude? Every new day should be a good day

Q10) What is perfection? flawless and satisfactory to your eyes.

Q11) Guilty pleasure? Shopping craft supplies for sure..

Q12) When you're upset you? I become silent and continue with my work.. if somebody disturbs me then, will burst out on them.. Sometimes talking to DH helps..

Almost all the bloggers got this award.. so if anybody hasnt, please accept this award from me!

Then, I played somemore with my magnetic multishaper punch and came up with this..will update this in my review post.

and Finally, the giveaways..

Our blogger friend Mallika is placed in Infosys and she is offering a vintage candy! chk out her blog for more

Our dear Ujjwal from handmade with love is offering a huge yummy candy , celebrating her store success!For more details visit her blog.

ok... Bye for now.. will sure be back with some cards and tutorials soon



  1. Priya when I saw your name in the top 3 I was so happy for you! And so nice that you are the Guest DT - waiting to see your DT creation masterpiece
    And yes- creating is fun photographing can become such a chore-- I was struggling to take good photos since 2 days as there is no sun here and my photos look so gloomy!

  2. hi priya congrats on the being selected the DT for this time's icr .waiting to see your wonderful creation:)

  3. congrats priya on the DT position!!!

  4. Priya got your cards.. My daughter was so thrilled!! She loves pink and its the first time I am seeing an Easel card in the real world!The stamping is so gorgeous-- I still have to get a knack of it! SO happy to have you as a crafting buddy!


Thanks for taking time in appreciating my work

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