Monday, October 3, 2011

Paper weaving and Ribbon weaving tutorial

hello ladies,

     I am the guest designer for ICRC11(yay!!) and I am so very honoured to be so.I found the rules to be a little difficult this time - CHALLENGE + TWIST - Create an Easel Card + Incorporate one/many/all of the basic shapes

     I decided it was gng to be retro style so that I can add circles and circles all over.. But I also wanted to add some other shape..!! I was mulling over it sometime..Suddenly it stuck!! (Ours is a weaving family by tradition..I have seen my in laws weaving beautiful silk sarees with the yarn moving side by side.. it is a treat for eyes to watch!! ) Ok.. so I thought why not weave a pp or ribbon.. So here it comes, for ur view..

    I gave a twist to the twist and made twisted Easel card lol..:)You can see how to make a Twisted Easel card here.Making retro embelli was another difficulty here.. I tried so many different things and finally was content with this..

    PP are from the DCWV Prints stack.(available for sale in my blog).Sentiment itsy bitsy.The rest from my stash.

Today's Tutorial

This tutorial applies for ribbon weaving and also PP weaving.

If it is a square weaving, you need to take a square card stack.. suppose, you want 5 ribbons in weaving and each of them are 0.5 inches, then you will need 2.5*2.5" cardstock and 3" ribbon.If it is rectangle, you need to increase the number of vertical strips.

Stick or glue the ribbon to the back of cardstock, on 2 adjacent sides.

Now, the first one will be a little diff to come by.. you need to take the first strip from one side and go over, under, over, under,over the ribbons in the adjacent side.

Similarly the second one.

Do for the rest of the ribbons.. you are done with ur weaving!! Small size will make a nice embellishment.. bigger one can fill up the entire bg!.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.. Thanks for stopping by.

Note: This is a scheduled post.. I will reply ur mails and comments as soon as possible.



  1. I loved your card on the ICR page too and thanks for the weaving tutorial

  2. Priya what a gorgeous tutorial-- I tried paper weaving once or twice but couldnt get the hang of it-- your technique is wonderful. Shall save it for reference and advanced happy birthday

  3. i kept looking at that weave (I did not know it was weaved then) and was wondering how come u got PP of that type.... now I know... thanks for that tutorial...

  4. beautiful card priya loved that u have used paper weaving in your card ,you have used that pp so well,everything is just so perfect:)

  5. Happy Birthday Priya! Wishing you lots of crafty time and even more accolades coming your way! :)
    Absolutely FAB card and super colors as usual!

  6. Priya.. this is a lovely tutorial.. I had completely forgotten about this..

  7. Lovely card Priya.Thanks for the tutorial.

  8. This is beautiful!! Thanks for leaving us something to enjoy even when you're on vacation!! you rock!!

  9. Awesome!.. I LOVE this technique!.. Its so awesome! :)

  10. thanks for the awsome tutorial priya !!

  11. Happy birthday dear and such a beautiful card i really like it...

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  12. i really like this idea! i've done it with paper strips a few times, but never with ribbon. I love to play with ribbon, and will try it soon. i guess it just never crossed my mind to look beyond paper. :)


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