Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Woven heart embellishment and Tutorial

Hello ladies,

    All of a sudden I had become busy!I made this card last week and finally squeezed sometime today to post a card for Create me Pink - Gopi's Challenge-Pink, white and black(Today is the last day to enter).This is her first challenge and All the best Gopi for your future endeavours!!

    You all know my newest favorite technique is weaving.. Following the line, I did some woven heart embellishments...and I really loved making it... Do try girls.. it is interesting!!

    The sentiment is from Inkadinkado,stamped with Melon mambo stampin up Ink!! I have to say..these inks are the best, I tried so far! The ribbons, buttons, pearls,rhinestones from stash..

Today's tutorial

This can be done as wall hanging also..Just a simple one for tutorial.. We can try this with many weaves.Thick card stock does nt work well for this.. Anything abt 150gms should be fine..PP are also good.

Cut 2 strips in different colors, 1.5"* 5"

Fold them in half, and cut semicircle in the ends

Cut at 0.5" intervals, till 1.6" each.

Keep one cardstock unmoved.weave the other around the first.
First row- go around, inside, around again.

Second row- go inside, around, inside

Third row :around, inside, around

This is how it looks inside

for wall hanging.. :))

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial as much as I did.. Pls leave some feedback..
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  1. Thanks for stopping by and playing with us at CMP!

    So glad you joined in! The card looks beautiful...loving the pink+hearts. The tutorial for the weaving is great...nobody can go wrong if they follow it...thanks!


  2. beautiful card priya and thanks for the tutorial,you make it look so easy i think i will definetly give this a try,it looks so pretty!!

  3. your card it lovely.... the paper weaving tip is wonderful... I have made baskets and wallhanging with weaving.. will try this one too...!

  4. the card is beautiful and the weaving tutorial is grt... thanks for it.

  5. The tutorial is Awesome Priya.. Thanks so much for sharing and this is a gorgeous card.. Love it...

  6. lovely tutorial...... i play with paper... thanks u soo much for the share

  7. Oh priya how easy you make the woven heart basket-I first saw this on carols site and have tried different versions 0f it- the frustrating part for me is sometimes I get the cuts right and all is fine but the woven basket does not allow for any error and sometimes I get it all wrong!!

  8. Just lovely Priya! Your tutorials are just great and thanks for sharing so many techniques! :)

  9. Thanks for the inspiration and the tutorial.i love the fact that you always have something new to share evertime you post.Keep up the good work.i enjoy reading your posts


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