Monday, December 6, 2010

My mom is the best!

      It has been raining so heavily in Chennai for the past 60 hrs or so... and  guess what, this is the first time I am wearing sweaters since I came to Chennai Its holiday for schools today and my dear son is at home.
      Today morning I sat down for making this card and it was fun for him to meddle with my things.He misplaced a few things and I had to keep hunting for it and it was like never ending.. hmm.. So finally I am done with my card... enough of my own stories.
      Now about the card. I am sending this card for Get Sketchy Challenge 67 . Above is the sketch.
      I do not have all the fancy stuffs for card making. Trying to do with all that I have at home. I tried to emboss the background with a design on a box top. It was futile.Shows very lightly on the card. The ribbon kindda thing is the paper crimped through a quilling crimper and I added a quilled flower in matching color.The below lace is hand cut. The rest is left to your observation. Overall I liked the card. How do you like it?

 Another closer view.
Sending it to another challenge craftypad-anything goes


  1. turned out gr8.this is the speciality of us INDIANS we dont have all the fancy stuff but yet we manage to do so well and bring out the best in anything.

  2. he,he me too wearing sweaters,socks,..everything for the first time:))its icy cold.Love the tags u used,btful card:)

  3. Raining, now? Wow!! Its starting to get cold in Ahd, but not so cold that I have to wear sweaters!! don't you love those cold days when you long for a hot coffee?
    Thanks for the sweet comments!

  4. P.s. I loved the color combination of the card..and love the faux you saw on my album that's one thing I love doing!

  5. love the way u have created the card...especially the tags...very sweet...well done dear


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