Monday, November 7, 2011

Use your scraps effecitvely - Tutorial Part 3

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     Welcome to Use your scraps effecitvely - Tutorial Part 3/3.If you have not read my previous tutorial, please click here.

      Today's three tutorials would be some basic PP techniques.. Some seniors might be well aware of these techniques.. This tutorial is for the sake of newbies..:)

Paper Piecing
     This is an age old method, and it adds much dimension and depth to the stamped image!I really enjoy dng this.. Just a simple example to show you for tutorial.

     Stamp the required image in 2 or as many pattern papers of your choice(depends upon how many you want in the paper piecing)and on a white paper.

Cut across the lines dividing the portions in the image.

Assemble these images on the stamped image on white paper..Your paper piecing is done!

Quilting technique

Decide the size of card and the number of squares that is going to be in it.I have made 3cm squares and the card 12*9cm.

Paste them on rectangle card stock.

Die cut the whole cardstock or handcut it as I did.

Add faux stiching between the squares, to make to look like quilt.Embellish it minimally to show off its beauty!!

Sending this card to CreateMePink - add a flower.

Pattern paper bow

I would rather call it a tip than a tutorial. It is so easy to make pattern paper bows and looks cool when added to gift or card.You need double sided PP for this type of bow.

Cut as shown in figure.

Assemble them get beautiful bow!!

See how to make another type of bow in my blogger friend Dr.Sonia's blog here.

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial series!!If you did, just comment below to make me happy!It feels good, when the efforts are being recognized!

We will have our events starting from tomorrow.. :)) and people be ready! I am sure you are gonna enjoy it!Participate with all the enthu and zeal!

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  1. Hey thanks for the tutorial on the quilting technique..

    Your tutorials are very helpful for newbies like me...


  2. Priya I loved this bow-- saving it for use and what a pleasant surprise to see you featured and linked to me!! Yippee!!
    I needed this tutorial series of yours !! I dont have many Patterned paper scraps as only recently I have owned some and they all look so lovely never felt like cutting them up--or using them even!!

  3. What a great series! I loved each and every tutorial and tips of you...! so sweet of you to putting this up for us... Hats off to you... love you way or better say wayssssss of using the scraps... my scrapbox is getting filled day by day.. time to use some scraps now!!!

  4. Awesome ..Thanks for the tutorial..I like the bow..

  5. Thanks for the tutorial...So nice..

  6. Thanks for the tutorial.all the ideas are really cool.

  7. Great work Priya! Tks for all your tips and tutes! :)

  8. superb ! :) im gona try this soon n will let u know how it turns out
    God bless

  9. The bow is so simple and yet adds so much jazz!! Thank you for introducing me to such wonderful elements of recycling!! Fabulous!!

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  11. Yay Priya! So glad you joined us! Love all the colors of the rainbow...the faux stitching and quilting are done beautifully!

    Thanks for joining us in our FLOWER challenge :)

    If you are not following us already, please do!


  12. i love the bow and thank you so much for sharing the tutorial the quilting technique card looks just fabulous it sure is inspiring me to create someting new as well!!


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